About the on-line course:

The Outlaw Coaching courses are a great and convenient way to take a critical look at your job (or job search) and identify what you need for professional satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to change jobs or just looking to improve your current work situation, Outlaw gives you the tools and does so with support and encouragement.

-Amy, Oakland, CA

Outlaw Coaching introduces professional development for the person who is looking for a convenient way to get started! This online course provides a roadmap for all the different ways you can start thinking about your career and how professional development is so much more than just a job search or how you can talk about your skills. The Outlaw Coaching online series is comprehensive and holistic, looking not just at "what you're good at" but how that intersects with your personality, values, and much more!

-Jessica, Castro Valley, CA

After over 10 years in the legal profession and a year off staying at home with my children, I was feeling somewhat at a loss about where to start a job search or, more importantly, how to really explore all the issues that lurk within a job search — such as what l would enjoy doing substantively but also what values are important to me both in my work and in my life in general and what a healthy and happy work/life balance looks like for me. This course really helped me to take a good long look at those issues before just throwing myself back into a job search willy -nilly. Plus the exercises and homework they have you do is honestly both thought-provoking and actually fun. I would recommend this course for lawyers who are questioning making a move out of their current field or out of the law all together, as well as for parents who have taken time off to be the full-time caregiver for children for whatever reason. It helped to ground me and give me confidence to start a search for something that would fit who I am and fulfill me. I now do consulting work in a new field for me, and am excited to explore even more possibilities that are out there that may not have occurred to me before.

-Rebecca, Los Angeles, CA

The Outlaw Coaching plan arrived in my email at a perfect time when I was looking to exit my 19-year career practicing law.  I appreciated its multi-faceted approach from journaling to more creative exercises like the Vision Board so that if you were not comfortable with writing, you had other options to work with.  You may even discover something about yourself that you may not have known no matter how long you have been in a profession.  I certainly did!  

-Sin Yen, New York City, NY

About 1:1 coaching:

Annabrooke has been my life coach for the past two years and has helped me through several career transitions, most recently landing my dream job. She has been instrumental in helping me realize my goals. After each session I leave with new insights. I love working with Annabrooke and would highly recommend her.

-Abby, San Francisco, CA

I began working with Fairuz after going through a very difficult professional experience. She coached me through transforming what I originally thought was a career disaster into an opportunity to align my career with my passion. I am now thrilled to say that I have found my dream industry with my dream team and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Fairuz for giving me the tools I needed to get unstuck!

-Dana, Oakland, CA

Working with Fairuz has helped me unlock myself from those burdens that were keeping me from being the person I knew I could be, but had forgotten how to be.  She could helped me see a path to my future, and provided useful tools for me to actualize what I saw.  I’m truly fortunate to have such a compassionate, patient and wise coach in my life.

-F.S., San Francisco, CA

Annabrooke at Outlaw Coaching offers career guidance tailored to the whole person. Leading with exceptional ears, she will take in your story to date, listening to how you feel about where you are and where you hope to take yourself. Through strategic, open-ended questions, she helps you to determine a set of options that feel right to you, meaning that you come away from a session with a renewed sense of possibilities. Outlaw Coaching accepts that work and personal lives are often deeply intertwined and that each choice impacts multiple areas of our lives and personhood. With Outlaw Coaching you will feel heard while gaining new insights about your goals, and you will emerge from the coaching experience with a set of actionable next steps and a more vivid picture of your dreams.

-Jen, San Francisco, CA

I worked with Fairuz for six months or so to help get some clarity on the direction both of my career and life in general and to think about ways of pivoting to something different.  She was able to identify the self-imposed behaviors and attitudes that were holding me back from doing things that brought meaning and purpose into my life.  On several occasions, she would identify one of those, and I'd be rendered speechless at how she hit a raw nerve--something I deep down knew about myself but perhaps tried to ignore or pretend was not there.  Then she works with you on how to deal with or overcome those barriers.  Fairuz is very compassionate and tries to understand what YOU are trying to do and struggling with, without fitting you into some preconceived system or mold.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

-Mahmoud, San Francisco, CA

Annabrooke is insightful, empathetic and a joy to work with. After our time together I felt more self-aware and energized to pursue my goals and priorities.

-Oscar, Orange, CA

I became intimately familiar with the words “imposter syndrome” and “saboteur” after working with Fairuz. I had no idea these concepts existed and they were part of what was holding me back professionally in my career and in my intimate relationships. She helped exam things I was avoiding in life but kept getting in my way. She helped me find ways to break through my self-imposed barriers. I went to therapy for years and talked about things that were bothering me but I was never given tools to name it and then work through it until I started working with Fairuz.  Because of my work with her, I am finally able to commit to my long term love, made a drastic switch in my career and have taken some steps to confront some big fears. As a result, I have taken risks I didn’t think were possible. If you want someone who understands issues from the perspective of a minority woman of color then you should work with Fairuz. In a world that has few minority women coaches, she is engaged, supportive and still manages to hold you accountable. Fairuz is a rare gem.

Priya, Tucson, AZ

I'm recommending Fairuz as a Coach, Your Coach. She invested in me by listening and offering some initial observations.  She genuinely wants to help people find success. When I started with her I was stuck, and unable to move forward. Fairuz's insight, skilled, passionate, caring and honest in all that she says and does.  She will guide you during a difficult time working with you to find that new path you are ready to tackle. She helped me realize my successes, no matter how minimal you initially view them; celebrate those successes which lead me to much larger opportunities.  The experience and perspective that she brought to our coaching discussions lead me to leaving  each session with a much broader and doable outlook on my situations. If you want to change your life, hire Fairuz as your coach. She encouraged me to change my thoughts and beliefs from it's impossible to I’m possible. Working with Fairuz gave me the courage to make changes I am grateful for her and her skills to launch me into the Me that I've always dreamed I could be.

-Sandy, East Troy, WI

My weekly sessions with Annabrooke were a welcome point of departure from the dissatisfaction and confusion I was experiencing with my job and creative prospects. Whether using visualization exercises, figuring out realistic means of holding myself accountable or simply talking through ideas that I was ready to let go of, the time I spent opening up to her about things that were making me uncomfortable in my life gradually sorted into manageable proportions and more useful ways of thinking. Her well-considered responses and firm belief that there were ways to navigate my circumstances towards greater fulfillment helped me move confidently into the next phase of my life.

-Tara, Austin, TX