You are in law school- now what? You have so many options, but it doesn't always feel that way. You may be second-guessing your decision to go to law school. Maybe you know exactly what you want to do but you need some help on how to get there. No matter where you are in your legal education, or what your career goals are, we work with you to create a personalized action plan to make your legal education work for you. If this is you, we recommend some one on one coaching sessions

You are considering law school. You know that law school is a huge commitment of time and money, and the dramatic changes happening in the legal marketplace make the return on your investment critical. Unless you know why you want to go to law school and what you plan to do with your legal education, it's a risky undertaking! We will help you figure out if law school is the right fit for you, and create a plan to maximize the benefit of your law school experience. You, my friend, would benefit from a few one on one sessions.