Chunk it Down!

File this under "everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten (or should have)". My kid's teachers always tell him to break things down into small, manageable steps. "Chunk it down!" I hear him whispering to himself sometimes, and I've picked up the habit too. Not the most elegant of self-help phrases, but wise anyway.

To state the obvious: we live in a world obsessed with prestige, wealth, and appearances, and it can be really hard to stay out of the comparison trap! It can be equally hard to figure out what we really want for ourselves, and what goals are realistic for us (vs. what we think we "should" want or do or have). But doing that hard work of figuring out what's right for you as an individual will pay off enormously: you can focus on the small steps that will get you to your own goals and make you happy. Let others shame-spiral as they binge-watch ostensibly perfect lives on Facebook—you are going to be confident and happy knowing you’re working your own plan!

Dreaming big is awesome- and encouraged- but expecting to make huge accomplishments instantly or without doing the work required is a sure route to disillusion and sadness. Success requires work. (Again, it sounds obvious, but a frequent complaint we hear from employers is that younger employees don’t demonstrate that awareness. This leaves everyone frustrated: the boss or client not getting their needs met, and the newer employee/associate who feels unappreciated.) When it’s our own lives we’re trying to figure out and plan, it can be easy to feel all: “Hey, I’m willing to do the work, I just don’t know WHAT TO DO!”

I was thinking about breaking big tasks into manageable steps today as I went to yoga class. And lo, our amazing teacher started the class by talking about how each time we honor a commitment to ourselves, no matter how big or small, we build self-trust. Every time we show up for ourselves in this way- be it going to yoga, or meeting a deadline, or eating well- we build trust. And that trust, that faith in ourselves, is what fuels us on the journey of small, manageable steps towards the big dream goals.

These are good reasons to explore coaching (and yoga!): to reveal what YOUR heart of hearts wants, and to plot out the work it’s going to require and each little step it will take to get there. You can do it- we can help!