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Learning Something New

Our sixty-year old colleague Louise joined a rowing team over a year ago. She wakes up at 4:30 in the morning, regardless of weather, and makes her way down to the cold waters of the bay each week to row. She had to learn a number of skills when she began and also how to complement the skills her team brought to the table. Learning new skills has improved her focus, concentration and memory. In addition to having the sexiest arms of anyone we know, she has also made new friends and found camaraderie among like-minded people.

Tons of studies support learning a new skill as the best way to keep your brain sharp and prevent cognitive aging. Learning a mentally complex skill or picking up a challenging new hobby can improve your memory. Taking a class, learning a musical instrument or a new game all help to stimulate the brain because you are challenging your mind to develop a new roadmap on how to bring a new experience or learning opportunity into your world. Being open to something difficult that takes time to learn or requires commitment from you may seem a little daunting.  A new opportunity allows you to take a leap of faith and challenge yourself and your brain to learn, grow and make room for a pastime that gives you energy and excitement. Maybe now is the time to dust off that old Rubix cube.